Business Analyst Aptitude Test

Business Analyst Psychometric Assessment

This test evaluates candidates’ aptitude for business systems analysis, and user department/I.T. department interaction. It assumes some prior business experience but no previous knowledge or experience in information technology.

The test consists of 4 problems evaluating a candidate’s logical ability, skill in interpreting business specifications and potential for solving business-related problems. The test requires 1 hour to complete, in booklet format or via the Internet.

The questions on the test are designed to investigate the candidate’s ability to analyze complex patterns and identify relationships. Candidates must then draw logical conclusions and identify errors.

The test evaluates numerous skills essential and specific to a business environment. These include the candidate’s ability to:

  • Precisely identify procedures without assistance

  • Accurately translate specifications from symbolic to numeric data or narrative to numeric data.

  • Understand the work of individual components within an organization

  • And their relationship to the organization as a whole

  • Interpret and understand complex business procedures and identify procedural errors.

A 3-page report is provided to select appropriate personnel for positions such as:

  • Business analyst

  • Procedures analyst

  • Liaison officer

  • Business systems analyst

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