Project Manager Aptitude Test | Project Leader Aptitude Test

Project Manager Psychometric Assessment

The project leader aptitude test is designed to assess the suitability of candidates for project leadership and project management positions. It presumes at least 2 years’ on-the-job experience and measures acquired skills in analysis, organization, scheduling and planning. As a candidate for a position as project manager or leader, the test assesses the individual’s abilities, including business judgment, supervisory practices, problem solving and knowledge of project organization, control, scheduling and planning concepts.

The Project Manager test takes 1 hour to complete and requires minimal supervision. The candidate must solve 5 problems, which assess candidates’ ability to:

  • Identifying key activities and sequencing them properly to ensure attainment of project goals.

  • Ability to organize daily activities on a priority basis.

  • Skill in solving problems in a structured and controlled manner.

  • Ability to understand common business practices, and ability to respond to various customer service situations.

  • Ability to supervise team members.

  • Understanding of basic project management theory.

  • Ability to use networking for planning, evaluating, and controlling the progress of activities in a project environment.

The project leader test provides a percentage-based evaluation of the candidates’ suitability for positions such as:

  • Project Leaders

  • Project Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • System Analysts

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