Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire (SASQ)


Introducing the SASQ, the premier selection tool to help you recruit high performers and identify those with the resilience and ability to overcome adversity essential for challenging positions.

Are you investing too much time and money hiring people who fall short of their potential and do not yield a positive return on your investment?

Why is it that those with the most talent are not always the most successful?

Maybe you're looking for the wrong qualities.

The Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire (SASQ), a measure of optimism and resilience under adversity, can help you select tomorrow’s achievers today. It is based on over 30 years of research by Dr. Martin Seligman, a leading expert in motivational psychology and author of the national best-selling book Learned Optimism. It is validated by more than 500 studies at over 100 universities around the world showing the SASQ as a predictor of performance, well-being and motivation. Over 75 companies have administered the SASQ to greater than 400,000 prospective and current employees.

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