Clerical Aptitude Test



A quick, inexpensive way to test candidates with the skills you want. You score these tests yourself. Therefore, you receive an answer within 5 minutes. The tests in this Clerical Test Series each come in packages of 20, and include all necessary scoring material.

Tests available are:

  • ALPHABETIZING & FILING - Designed to measure the ability to store and retrieve files in alphabetical order.

  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL - Ability to recognize likenesses and differences rapidly and accurately.

  • BOOKKEEPING - Measures the ability to handle some of the materials and problems with which an experienced bookkeeper deals.

  • CODING SKILLS - Ability to code numbers and symbols according to a simple formula.

  • GRAMMAR & PUNCTUATION - Measures grammar, punctuation ability and the skill to do correspondence.

  • MANUAL DEXTERITY - Measures aptitude for fine and gross muscle control, and coordination of eye and hand.

  • MECHANICAL COMPREHENSION - Measures the ability to perceive and understand the relationship of physical forces and mechanical elements in practical situations.

  • NUMERICAL SKILLS - Facility with numbers, files, codes, symbols and simple arithmetic.

  • PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY - Measures logic ability, deductive and inductive reasoning.

  • PROOFREADING SKILLS - Measures the ability to proofread.

  • READING COMPREHENSION - Measures the ability to read and understand the English language.

  • RECEPTIONIST SKILLS - Ability to deal with situations that face a receptionist, including telephone etiquette.

  • SPATIAL PERCEPTION - Measures the candidate’s space relations aptitude.

  • SPELLING ABILITY - Measures knowledge of words and the ability to spell correctly.

  • STEN KEY CALCULATOR - Measures speed and accuracy with a calculator.

  • VERBAL FLUENCY - Ability to think of words rapidly; to write or talk without blocking or searching for the right word.

  • VOCABULARY - Measures the ability to communicate easily and fluently with others.

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