IT Analytical Aptitude Test

IT Analytical Psychometric Assessment

This IT Analytical Skills Aptitude test evaluates both entry-level and experienced candidates. It assesses their aptitude for analyzing business problems, but presumes no prior experience or knowledge of data processing.

The testing consists of two problems that evaluate a candidate’s logical abilities, skill at interpreting business specifications, and potential for translating business problems into symbolic logic.

The test requires the candidates to follow complex business procedures and apply them to specific situations. The candidate must then create symbolic instructions that represent a common business procedure and review them for errors. No personality traits are measured.

The evaluation is appropriate for any business-related job position requiring analytical thinking and attention to detail. It’s useful for screening both entry-level and experienced candidates and measures candidates’ ability to:

  • Interpret and understand complex business procedures

  • Translate business solutions into symbolic logic

  • A three-page report is provided upon completion.

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