Telemarketing Aptitude Test


The Telemarketing Skills Aptitude Test generates a four-page report provided to the client. The assessment is ideal for evaluating the potential of telemarketing candidates who wish to work as telemarketers. It measures the following telemarketer skills and abilities:

  • General telemarketing concepts and knowledge

  • The candidate's ability to use proper grammar and vocabulary

  • Various job-related telemarketing skills

  • Reading comprehension

  • Ability to handle various telemarketing situations

  • Ability to sort information, compare tabular data, attention to detail, and basic mathematical skills

This telemarketing test is used to pre-screen job applicants and in-house personnel in the following positions:

  • Telemarketing Representative

  • Non-technical Help Desk

Job criteria measured:

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Ability to respond professionally to clients on the telephone

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Reading comprehension

  • Basic math

  • General telemarketing concepts

  • Ability to compare tabular data and sort information

  • Ability to handle objections over the phone

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