Summary of the SASQ

What is SASQ?

The ability to overcome adversity is critical to success in most sales positions. Your company's success depends on hiring the right people for the job.

Specifically, the SASQ:

  • Increases productivity

  • Reduces turnover

  • Identifies top producers to help your company grow

  • Creates a more optimistic and resilient work force

What Does the SASQ Provide?

The SASQ can help you select the right people for any position that requires persistence to overcome adversity.

The challenging nature of sales means that even the most effective salesperson will fail far more often than succeed. Resistance, rejection and hostility result in costly turnover and burnout rates. The ability to bounce back from frequent setbacks is a quality that not all people share.

The success of a sales training program is dependent on the quality of individuals hired. The SASQ can help you identify those with the resilience needed for challenging sales positions, before you make a large investment in new employees.

Since the SASQ identifies specific areas of strength and weakness, it can also facilitate the training and development process. This information can be used to identify those who would benefit most from a training program.

Bottom Line Impact of the SASQ

Extensive scientific research has shown that the SASQ predicts sales productivity in many industries - telecommunications, financial services, office products, automotive, banking, and real estate, to name a few.

Optimistic salespeople in these industries outsell pessimists by 20% to 40%.

Hundreds of studies have proven the benefits of optimism in many areas of life - increased motivation, superior achievement in various settings (at work, in school and in sports), elevated mood and well-being, and better physical health.

The SASQ is Cost-effective.

The cost of the SASQ is recouped many times over by the increased productivity of those selected and by the savings of not investing in poor producers. If the SASQ helps you select even one top producer potentially overlooked, or eliminate one poor producer potentially hired, your entire cost of using the SASQ is recovered.

How is the SASQ Administered?

The SASQ can be easily administered by any responsible person in your organization and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Online testing ensures that the SASQ is available all over the world, therefore providing easy access to both prospective candidates and existing employees. Results are available immediately.

Walden also provides the SASQ on user-friendly software for any Windows compatible computer. Upon completion, the SASQ score is instantly calculated. There is also a paper and pencil version of the questionnaire.

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